StomperNet Evolution

Here is a press release from StomperNet, THE authority of Internet Marketing and E-Commerce.

The company was a joint effort created by Brad Fallon, owner of My Wedding Favors, and Andy Jenkins, owner of A-Squared Armory- which sells replica swords, etc. Their combined businesses roughly do about $18 MILLION in sales, with Brad's bringing in about 75% of it.

The two of them, in conjunction with Paul Lemberg, also the created the business system called Formula Five, which is closing it's doors any day now to new members.  Paul has grossed in excess of $330 MILLION additional revenue for he & his clients over the past fifteen-plus years!  In fact, per their statistics... "62.8 of all businesses fail in their first five years, but 93% of all FormulaFIVE clients make more money in the first 45 days".

Well, Andy sold his stake in the company to Brad.  Read on below...

The Evolution of an Internet Marketing Titan. Today, StomperNet announces that the management isn't the only thing about to change.

July 30, 2009 -  Last week, Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon negotiated the future of their online school of IM education, StomperNet. When they emerged, Brad Fallon was the new CEO and Andy Jenkins was moving to California.  Each is pleased with the turn of events. And each other.

"That's about the size of it," reports Jenkins. "It's really that simple. People are speculating like crazy about what kind of behind-the-scenes dramatics went on, but it's something far more boring: I was ready to pass the StomperNet baton in order to work on other stuff. Brad was ready to take it."

"The only fireworks are those we see happening online with all the gossip and rumors." chuckles Brad Fallon "Frankly, we were surprised by how much everyone cared! Happy...but surprised."

But it's no wonder this announcement has caused so much speculation.

StomperNet, which opened its doors in October 2006, has been the talk of the IM space for years. They broke records when they first launched, selling over 2000 membership slots, at a price point of $10,000/year (Or $800/month.) Over the last three years, they've assembled a faculty of world-class subject matter experts on virtually every aspect of internet marketing.  This faculty guides and educates their members (who refer to themselves a "Stompers.")

Jenkins, Fallon and this esteemed StomperNet faculty have also compiled the largest, most comprehensive IM library of over 1400 videos, audios, and other online courses.  They host a vibrant community of online entrepreneurs, who regularly share tips and advice in the famous StomperNet forums. Forums that are currently going almost 200,000 posts strong.

StomperNet Live events are also legendary, attracting top speakers from all over the world to address Stompers and help them grow their businesses. The popular  "site review" section of the Live Events also makes StomperNet Live events extra unique. Attendees can submit their URL and enjoy a thorough one-on-one analysis of their site, conducted by a StomperNet faculty member. Attendees have called these personal reviews "priceless" and "the smartest thing I've ever done for my business."

[ed. note - StomperNet's Live 8 event is less than two weeks away.]

As if that wasn't enough, last year StomperNet launched another new product. One that was - once more - unlike anything else seen in the IM market. Called "The Net Effect", this printed monthly journal is sent to subscribers in more than 200 countries, and is more handbook than magazine. Its focus? Teaching readers tactics and strategies that will allow them to maximize their presence (and profitability) online. Each issue features instructive, execution-focused articles penned by the StomperNet faculty and other featured writers. At the end of each issue is a summarizing checklist that combines all the action items discussed throughout of the magazine. Readers report that they love to tear these checklists out and work on them each month.

"As big as StomperNet is right now...we're about to get bigger." explains Fallon, "I can't go into the details yet, but suffice it to say that this Fall will see some incredible new offerings from StomperNet. Stuff people have been begging us to do for years now. We're incredibly excited about the future of StomperNet and our mission of supporting internet entrepreneurism around the world."



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